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 About Aaron Willoughby

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PostSubject: About Aaron Willoughby   Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:01 am

Making the decision to join "AAron's 100" is the first step towards improving your scores! As a new Kolar owner you will have the opportunity to receive numerous benefits and incentives, including my knowledge, suggestions, and instruction in trapshooting. (Inquire for details under "Member Packages" on the home page.) First I feel it's critical for all of my potential customers to learn a little about who I am.

I'm not your typical shooting assistant, as I'm a full-time teacher at Estill County Middle School in Irvine, KY. I feel this allows me to communicate and understand the "average" shooter more than others, since competition time and travel is limited due to a steady career. I understand the importance of making "every shoot count!" I can do just that for you as a Kolar shooter, and as a member of "AAron's 100!"

Personal Info

-2006 graduate of Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.

-Currently a school teacher at Estill County Middle School in Irvine, Kentucky.

-I enjoy numerous sports including: trapshooting, golf, fishing, poker, hunting, Kentucky basketball, football, baseball.

-Worked within the shooting industry for 5 years in sales/gunsmithing.

Major Trophy Awards

2010-Kentucky State-Doubles Championship Class AA Champion
2010-Illinois State-Non Res. Doubles, Doubles Class, Prelim. Handicap, HOA, HAA-Champion, Prelim. Handicap's 3rd, 4th
2010-US Open-Prelim. Handicap Tie Champ, Doubles Championship Champion, Singles Championship Class AA RU, HOA 3rd, HAA 1st
2010-Buckeye Classic-Nathan Stabinski Handicap-Champion
2010-Buckeye Classic-Fishburn Handicap-Tie Event Champ, RU
2010-Buckeye Classic-Prelim. Singles-Tie Event Champ
2008-Kentucky State Tournament-Prelim. Handicap Championship-Event Champ
2008-Ohio State Tournament-Prelim. Handicap Championship-NR Tie Champ
2008-Dixie Grand American-Singles Championship-Class AA RU Tie
2008-Dixie Grand American-Chris Cantelmi Handicap-Tie 9th
2008-Dixie Grand American-High Over All Class AA RU
2007-Southern U.S. Zone Doubles Championship-Tie for Event Champ with 100, RU
2007-Southern U.S. Zone Doubles Championship-Site Champ with 100
2007-Southern U.S. Zone Singles-Class AA Champ with 100
2007-Southern U.S. Zone Class Singles-AAA Champ tie with 100
2007-Southern U.S. Zone Dixie Handicap-26-27 Yd. Champ with 98
2007-Southern U.S. Zone Pre Handicap-3rd with 98
2007-Dixie Grand American-Handicap Championship-Event 5th place
2007-Dixie Grand American-Ken Darroch Doubles-Class AA Champ
2007-Southern Grand American Doubles Championship-Event RU
2007-Kentucky State Tournament-Class Singles AA Tie for Champ with 100
2007-Kentucky National Team Race Member for the Grand American
2006-Dixie Grand American-Doubles Championship-Class AAA RU
2006-Dixie Grand American-Doubles Class Championship-AA Champ
2006-Dixie Grand American-Handicap Championship-Event 5th
2006-Dixie Grand American-Aaron Willoughby Handicap-Event 8th
2006-Kentucky State-Sandbagger Handicap-Event 3rd
2005-Dixie Grand American-Handicap Championship-Event Champ
2005-Eastern U.S. Zone Championship-Pre Handicap-Event RU
2005-Dixie Grand American-Remington Handicap-Event 5th
2005-Dixie Grand American-Doubles Class Championship-Class AAA RU
2005-Dixie Grand American-High Over All-Class AAA Champ
2005-Ohio State Tournament-Brittain Motors Handicap-Event Champ
2004-Grand American World Championships-Singles Class Championship, 200
2004-Spring Grand American-Pre-Handicap-Event 4th
2004-Spring Grand American-Singles Class Championship-Class AA RU with 100
2004-Kentucky State Singles Class Championship-Class AA Champ with 100
2003-ACUI Collegiate Nationals-6th Place International Team Trap
2003-ACUI Collegiate Nationals-All Around Team RU
2003-Grand American-Singles Class Championships-Class AA RU 200*200
2003-Southwestern Grand American-High Over All-Class AA Champ
2003-Southwestern Grand American-High All Around-Class AA Champ
2003-Southwestern Grand American-Singles Championship-Class AA Champ, 200
2003-Southern Grand American-Doubles Class Championship-Class A RU
2003-Southern Grand American-Prelim.Doubles-Class AA Champ
2003-Kentucky State-Doubles Class Championship-Class AA Champ
2002-Purdue University Invitational-Trap Team Champion
2002-Purdue University Invitational-American Trap RU
2000-Kentucky State-Doubles Championship-Jr. Champ
1999-Kentucky State-Doubles Class Championship-Class AA Champ
1999-Southern Grand American-Prelim Singles-Jr. Champ
1999-Southern Grand American-Handicap-Jr. Champ
1999-Southern U.S. Zone-Doubles Championship-Jr. Champ
1998-Kentucky State-Handicap Championship-Jr. Champ
1998-Indiana State-Handicap Championship-NR Jr. Champ
1997-Kentucky State-Jr. Champ in High All Around, Singles Class Championship, Doubles Championship, Hall of Fame Handicap, Singles Championship Open

Other Shooting Awards

-Appeared in "Trap and Field" magazine numerous times for major wins, including two covers.
-2007 named to the Kentucky National Team Race for the Grand American
-2005 reached my 25,000 singles and handicap target attainments
-2003 awarded the AA-27-AA honor. (7 years straight)
-2002 made it to the 27 yard line in the Grand American Handicap. (7 years)
-2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Kentucky All State Men’s Team Member
-Team co-captain for the Lindenwood University Shooting Team in 2003, where I received a college scholarship to attend the school and shoot.
-95% + Overall average since 2006 (Singles, doubles, handicap combined)
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About Aaron Willoughby
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